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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is emotional wellness?

A:  The ability to know ones own emotions and to create mutually loving supportive relationships that are not harmful.

Q:  What if I’ve already been to therapy or seminars and the techniques aren’t working?

A:  There are many successful therapists and programs with helpful information.  In most cases, it takes finding the program that works best for you.  The Peaceful and Safety program creates a language for understanding the unconscious motivations and a simple technique to heal negative emotions that are harmful to you and to others.

Q:  What will I learn from Peace and Safety or the ABCs of Bullying?

A:  Through Peace and Safety and the ABCs of Bullying, you will learn how to identify physical symptoms of arousal, emotional triggers, interpret innate worth, with a mechanism to heal the underlying negative emotions that produce distance in relationships.  Participants learn to respect the needs of others and become responsible for handling emotions with mutually respectful and mutually empowering behaviors.

Q:  Will this help me improve my marriage or family relationships?

A:  Peace and Safety participants report that emotional regulation technique they acquire during the 12 - week course successfully contributes to greater self-awareness of their emotions and the ability to manage arousal without harmful or destructive behaviors. The goal is to identify  the underlying causes for power struggles through accepting personal responsibility and making changes that bring healing to relationships.

Q:  Why don’t I feel joy?

A:  Although no one can tell you for sure, there are many reasons for feeling down, depressed, or joyless.  It is possible to find joy with a basic understanding of your personal emotional and physical capabilities and to engage in mutually respectful, mutually empowering relationships.  

Q:  Where is the course available?

A:  To arrange for a class to be held in your area, contactinfo@peacefulandsafe.com to request a consultation with Jacquie. 

Jacquie Skog
1935 County Rd B2, Suite #57
St. Paul, MN 55113



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