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About Peace and Safety in Your Heart and Home

Welcome to Peace and Safety, LLC, Counseling and Workshop Services. We are devoted to providing information and programs that will help develop emotional and spiritual wellness based on a compassionate understanding of emotional regulation skill-building and the stages of faith development to improve self-awareness and relationships.


  • To discover the miracle of JOY within every person.
  • To discern God-given spiritual and natural gifts.
  • To develop skills in self-regulation, forgiveness and compassion to invite emotional and physical healing.
  • To enable peacemakers and healers to enrich the lives of family, friends, the church and  the community.

Mission statement:

  • To lead the way for emotional healing through self-awareness, forgiveness, and compassion.
  • To develop the gift of the unconditional love of God through the compassion of Jesus to promote healing and find JOY. 
  • To offer compassion to the wounded and brokenhearted in the family, church and community.



Jacquie Skog ~ 1935 County Rd B2, Suite #120 ~ St. Paul, MN 55113 (651)528-6400

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