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Personal and Family Health Programs

  • Peace and Safety in Your Heart and Home
    A 12 week psycho-educational group program to develop self-awareness, emotional regulation, self-confrontation, personal responsibility for thoughts, feelings and behaviors, a strong sense of self which is independent of the approval from others or controlled by external events, and the ability to tolerate pain and distress by soothing and comforting oneself (Individuals, Churches, Organizations and Corporations).
  • ABC’s of BullyingAttitudes-Behaviors-Consequences of bullying is a 3-session parent or student series with a goal to learn self-regulation and conflict negotiation skills to increase emotional awareness for parent’s and student’s to promote peaceful relationships and STOP! bullying.  (Schools, churches and organizations).
  • Piece-Makers for PeaceQuilt making for volunteers, is a fundraising effort for non-profit organizations involved in domestic violence treatment and support.  Volunteers make squares with a message of peace embroidered on each square, to be sewn together into a quilt.  Quilts will be auctioned off at fundraising events.  Proceeds go to the non-profit organization. (Volunteers, non-profit organizations and corporations).
  • CounselingAppointments can be made with Jacquie by calling Peace and Safety Counseling Services at 651-528-6400.

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